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Transition in the Pub – 5th March 2014

Cohousing is a way of living smarter, sharin more and reducing our footprint It brings the village back to our doorstep with smaller dwelling but more shared spaces. Cars and carparks give way to walking and cycling while play and leisure space takes pride of place. Cohousing effectively ‘turns the suburbs inside out’, promoting contact andcooperation over isolation.

But who really does it? The Scandinavians and northern Europeans have been doingit since the 70s, North Americans since the 80s, and folks here and there in Australia since the 90s. A new wave is underway now in Melbourne and other parts of Australia.


Join local cohousing guru, Sally McAdams to find out how it works, who’s doing it, and what the benefits and challenges are. Or just come down for a social brew and a chat.


Topic: Transition in the Pub  What is cohousing and why do it?

When Wednesday 5th March 2014, 7:00pm @

Where: Farouk’s Olive, 711 High Street Thornbury


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