Starting a project!

How to Start a Transition Darebin Project


I have an idea for a project that I think Transition Darebin might be interested in.

Although it’s not essential that people live in the Darebin municipal area to initiate a project, this is desirable. (Although we do recognise there are people in neighbouring areas who want to work with us and have an interest in local projects in Darebin).

→ Go to Step 1

Step 1

Is it in line with Transition Darebin’s purpose?

If you are not sure, have a look at our vision, mission and constitution and other current projects (though please note this is in the process of being updated) on the website or at our library at Loophole Community Centre. Read the Transition Handbook (which can be borrowed from Darebin Libraries) / Transition Companion which provides a general guide for what Transition Darebin is trying to do. Basically, is your project idea:

  • local or promoting re-localisation, e.g. local food, local economy, local people working together? etc.; and/or
  • aimed at increasing the community’s capacity to respond to climate change?

YES → Go to Step 2

Step 2

Is it an ongoing project?

YES → Go to Step 3

NOit’s a one-off event. → Ask us about advertising on the website or in the next e-newsletter (transitiondarebin[at]  If timely to do so, come to our next monthly meeting and tell everyone about it.

Step 3

Is it something that’s different to what’s already happening?

Have a look at our projects page and recent e-bulletins or just come to our next monthly meeting and ask.

YES/Not sure → Go to Step 4

NO – it’s like an existing activity → Ask us how you can join up with the existing project.

Step 4

Come to our next Transition Darebin meeting. Talk to the gathering organiser (gatherings[at] beforehand to put it on the agenda or just show up and put it on the list of things to discuss for the day.

Is the project generally supported?

YES → Go to Step 5

NO Why not?  Review steps 1-3 carefully. How could your project idea be further developed to attract support / helpers from the broader group?

Step 5

Get people excited about your project!  Put a note out on the googlegroup with a clear subject line: “New project idea” and send information to the ebulletin editor (ebulletin[at]transitiondarebin.corg) and talk to web support (transitiondarebin[at] to post an item on the webpage.

Are other people interested in helping you?

YES → Go to Step 6

Step 6

Work with an existing working group or start a new working group to start your project. To start a new group, announce it at a monthly meeting and advertise in the e-bulletin/website, letting people know how they can get involved.

Are other people interested in helping you?

YES → Go to Step 7

Step 7

Does your project involve major decisions that affect TD as a whole?

e.g. does it involve partnership between TD as a whole and another organisation, does it involve seeking funding etc.

NO → Go to Step 8

YES → Make sure you put it on the agenda for discussion at our monthly gathering or if urgent, put it out to the googlegroup for feedback. Check out this page on forming partnerships.

Step 8

Come to our monthly meetings for help and advice and to share about how your project is going.

Working groups can operate with relative autonomy and only need to bring an item to the broader group if it affects TD as a whole or involves very major decisions. However, working groups are encouraged to use the monthly meeting / e-bulletin to share about how their project is going and to ask for help, advice, etc.

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