Convivial Kitchen and Garden

Convivial Kitchen and Garden is about skill-sharing – gathering as a small group to learn recipes, gardening skills, and other useful things.  It’s community-based, so you can see what the people around you know, and share your own skills as well.

Citrus season.jpg

We ran this project over a five-year period.  Our first event in 2014 to kick things off focused on kimchi fermentation, and from there we’ve run well over a dozen workshops.  People learned how to make pizza dough, sourdough, make bee hotels, and do a host of other things.  It was a valuable experience for all involved.


If you’d like to learn more, or are interested in doing your own thing and would like us to spread the word, please shoot us an email at

– Inspired by a blueprint from the Transition Port Phillip group, aimed at being a monthly convivial kitchen catchup.
– Earliest was March 2014 – Kimchi Fermentation, free demonstration, BYO ingredients. Was the only 2014 event.
– 2015 was where it got going properly – May 30 (pizza and pesto), October 10 (roo stew; rosemary, lentil & pancetta bake), November 7 (fruit crumble; toasted muesli; natural yoghurt)
– 2016 saw it continue – April 3 (brainstorming @ the Apple Tree), June 12 (sauerkraut), July 31 (citrus), August 28 (sourdough), October 30 (edible weeds)
– 2017 – February 5 (berry-picking), May 27 (olives), August 6 (skincare), August 27 (sourdough), September 24 (bee hotel)
– 2018 – February 17 (solar food), July 15 (sourdough), August/September (grafting and pruning), August 27 (marmalade), November 18 (bee hotel)

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