Coordination roles

There’s a number of key coordination roles that keep Transition Darebin bubbling along. It’s our aim that for every role we have one person who takes the lead as a primary coordinator, and at least one person to back them up when they need some extra help, want to take a break, or are ready to hand the role over. The roles can also easily be shared between a number of people. If you’d like to contribute as a coordinator, or as a back-up/alternate, we’d love to hear from you as some of our roles are not currently filled, are ready to be passed on, or have no alternate. Email transitiondarebin[at] if something here interests you or you’d like to find out more.

Roles Tasks Est. hrs per month What’s currently needed?
External communications
Media liaison
  • Respond to media requests (need to be available and online for quick responses)
6-8 hours per month A back-up / alternate
  • Be media contact on TD website
  • Create media releases and maintain relationships with journalists
  • Be the owner of media templates
  • Send notice of events to council, newspapers, Yarra Trams
  • Write a Sustainability News piece 4 times per year
  • Maintain a list of TD speakers and delegate them to speak (proactively and on request)
E-bulletin editor
  • Stay on top of what’s going on in TD
10-12 hours per month A back-up / alternate
  • Put together a monthly(ish) engaging newsletter of TD, Darebin, and Transition news and events
  • Act as website and calendar ‘whip’ – i.e. make sure that the things people need to know are on the web, in the newsletter and in the calendar and prompt people to update them if not
Partnership facilitator
  • Maintain relationships with current and potential partners
2-8 hours per month A primary coordinator and a back-up / alternate
  • Seek out new partners
  • Work on partnership kits with partners
  • Support partners to act as TD ambassadors
Council liaison
  • Respond to City of Darebin policy and planning documents
2-4 hours per month A primary coordinator and a back-up / alternate
  • Attend consultations with City of Darebin
  • Stay abreast of grants and opportunities
  • Be the council’s central point of contact for TD
  • Represent TD on Darebin Environmental Reference Group (if possible)
Internal Communications and Coordination     
Web support
  • Provide technical advice and support to TD website users
2-4 hrs per month A back-up / alternate
  • Act as administrator for website
Gathering organiser
  • Organise monthly TD gatherings
3-4 hrs per month A primary coordinator and/or a back-up / alternate
  • Remind/notify TD members of gatherings
  • Call for agenda items for TD ‘business’ meeting before social gathering
  • Collate and run agenda or delegate facilitator and/or note-taker
Membership coordinator 


Volunteer coordinator

  • Answer TD email account and answer queries or direct to relevant people
  • Maintain membership database
  • Maintain google group
6-8 hours per month 

4 hrs per month

A back-up / alternate 


A back-up / alternate

  • Act as first point of contact for new members/volunteers wanting to get involved
  • Keep TD roles filled
  • Maintain TD financial records
1-2 hours per month A back-up / alternate
  • Go to person for budgets if required for grants etc
  • Maintain bank account and bank funds
  • Look after cash kitty

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