Come along and have a chat!

Transition Darebin gatherings are fun and informal in nature, allowing people to come together to talk, brainstorm and socialise in the aim of environmentally sustainable change. If you want to learn more about the Transition Movement, how you can get involved or just want to keep up-to-date with the latest and greatest transitioning in Darebin, then these gatherings might be for you.

General gatherings happen approximately seasonally/quarterly – to find out when the next one is, have  a look at the calendar, or email the gatherings coordinators at transitiondarebin[at] (just add the @ symbol – we format email addresses this way to avoid the spam-bots).

We also have coordination meetings, which is when the people who have taken on coordination roles, and/or are leading working groups and/or projects get together to touch base and keep everything ticking along. All TD members are welcome at these meetings – again you can email the gatherings coordinators at transitiondarebin[at] to find out when the next one is, or keep your eyes out on the google group. We also list all of our events on the Transition Darebin facebook page.


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