Transition In The Pub

The idea of this project is to take the message outside of the usual circles; to talk sustainability and practical ways to reduce our impact on the globe away from the usual suspects and out to the public.

IMG_20150624_211822We kicked it off with some low key social events including our very first foray into a Transition Darebin Trivia Team. Things picked up in June with a collaboration between Transition Darebin and Kate and Sarah from Permaculture Inner North. They talked us through an introduction to permaculture and how the ideas of this approach can be applied to Transition Towns. This was a great session that really highlighted how Transition Towns and Permaculture share a common origin.


July saw our biggest Transition in the pub for the year as TD teamed up with the Green Pledge team from Friends of the Earth to bring a night of merriment, music, letters from the future and a practical way to reduce our impact through the Green Pledge (

If this all sounds a little too much Transition and not enough pub then we fixed that up in August with a live brewing demo and local beer talk from our friends at the Merri Mashers ( This was not only a great night but has also produced the beer for this year’s Transition Darebin AGM.

A big thanks to all of our speakers and Farouk’s Olive, The Thornbury Local, Carwyn Cellars and The Wesley Anne for putting up venues for this to happen and to all the people involved in making this a reality this year. Next year we want to build this even further and find a regular spot and make is twelve for twelve (months!). If putting on events, publicity, public speaking or beer is your thing then make sure you get involved in this next year.


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