Transition Darebin and Friends of the Earth

This year we actively collaborated with Friends of the Earth Melbourn (FoEM) on two campaigns; the ‘Green Pledge’ – a call for personal political and social climate action, and ‘Race to Preston Market’ – a fun event putting  spotlight on local public transport issues.

A co-organised event with live bands and speakers drew around 50 people, helping generate momentum for the Green Pledge campaign by getting people to sign up to take 5 climate actions over 1 week. The ‘TD Green Pledge Team’ had 7 participants taking actions and raised $306 much needed funds to help FoEM run their campaigns. Through these events, an ongoing relationship has been established which will see TD and FoEM working together on future initiatives.

Keep an eye out for this in 2016 and if you want to know more about the Pledge and what it achieved check out


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