Transition Darebin and Friends of the Earth

In 2015, we actively collaborated with Friends of the Earth Melbourne (FoEM) on two campaigns. These were the ‘Green Pledge’ – a call for personal political and social climate action – and ‘Race to Preston Market’ – a fun event putting spotlight on local public transport issues.

A co-organised event with live bands and speakers drew around 50 people, helping generate momentum for the Green Pledge campaign. The campaign worked by getting people to take 5 climate actions over 1 week. These activities ranged from personal actions to directly reduce, like using public transport instead of driving, to more outreach efforts such as taking part in letter-writing campaigns. The ‘TD Green Pledge Team’ had a number of participants taking actions and raised much needed funds to help FoEM run their campaigns.

If you’re interested in learning more about Friends of the Earth Melbourne, check out their website.

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