The Croxton Commons

The Croxton Commons has a grand vision. Turn the surrounds of a surburban train station into a thriving community commons. We’re seeing fruit orchards, community and play spaces, recreation, food distribution and even enterprise in this space…and are working towards making that a reality.

IMG_20150313_101705It’s been an up and down year for the Commons. On the up side we’ve had a number of successful community engagement events including a clean up Australia day event complete with locally sourced pancake sizzle. We’ve engaged with the council and with the local Thornbury Church of Christ to hatch a plan to turn the surrounds of their tennis court into a vibrant orchard complete with apples, pears, hazelnuts, avocados and a load more. Our planning was done, we had the money, the community was ready and the church folk were even going to hold a sausage sizzle to feed the hungry volunteers turn this plan into a reality.

Then the down happened. VicTrack, the owners of the land, decided a week before we started digging that they would start talking to us. Bureaucracy flowed and the project had to be put on hold missing the planting season for trees. This was a huge disappointment and has taken a while to bounce back from. But the Commons is not dead! We’re not satisfied to let valuable land be either ignored or locked up into housing never to return to public use. So come 2016 we’ll be back to turn this space into an urban community hub. If you want to join us check us out at The Croxton Commons Facebook page.


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