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Whats on?


Foodswaps are one hour events which take place once a month.

We have three foodswaps running in Darebin

People bring their excess produce and share and swap with others. There are all sorts of goodies ready to swap from back yards across Darebin.

What to bring?– seedlings, greens, citrus, or even something you have made like jams, baked goods and much more 

So come along to one of our food swaps and exchange something that you have in abundance for something someone else has been growing in their garden, super fresh produce at its best!

Reservoir Food Swap – every month on the 3rd Saturday at 10am outside Reservoir Library.

Fairfield Food Swap every month on the 3rd Saturday at 11am at the cnr of Duncan and Gillies st, Fairfield

Thornbury/Preston Food swap at 11am on 4th Saturday of the month at Thornbury Picture House

Darebin Repair Cafe

Darebin Repair cafe runs every second month at various locations around Darebin.  

It is a three hour event where our volunteer fixers share their fixing skills with cafe visitors e.g. sewing, craft, jewellery repairs, gluing, and electrical work in household appliances.

We are part of the International Repair Cafe Foundation.

For more information see

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Whats on in July?

Our trusty Foodswaps.

There are all sorts of goodies ready to swap from back yards across Darebin – seedlings, greens, citrus, rhubarb, something you have made in your kitchen if your garden doesn’t have anything to swap. 

So come along to one of our food swaps and exchange something that you have in abundance for something someone else has been growing in their garden, super fresh produce at its best!

Reservoir Food Swap – 10am on 16th July outside Reservoir Library.

Fairfield Food Swap at 11am on 16th July at the cnr of Duncan and Gillies st.

Thornbury/Preston Food swap at 11am on 23rd of July at Thornbury Picture House

July Repair cafe – Our 26th repair cafe

Our 26th Darebin Repair cafe takes place on 24th July 10am-1pm. Clyde Hall, Thornbury

Spots to be booked for sewing and jewellery repair and some general fixes. – get in quick -bookings can be made here – Darebin Repair Cafe #26

Join us to be a hard rubbish hero!

Transition Darebin are co-hosting with Darebin Hard Rubbish Heroes (DHRH) as part of the Span Community House RRR Hub project with a pop-up shop that will offer free and low-price items, and include upcycling, recycling collection and workshops.

This is all aimed at helping us avoid items ending up in landfill as ‘hard rubbish season’ continues during July in Darebin!

More info here –

A whole lot going on – we would love to hear from you if you have time on your hands to help out.

Email us at

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Live Music event – 29th March- Music for a Warming World

This is a live music event with the performers from Music for a Warming World.

Venue: Thornbury Picture House, 802 High Street, Thornbury Vic 3071

Time: Tuesday 29th March 2022.
Snacks provided from 6.30pm, seated by 7.15pm

Tickets available for $10 or $5 concession. Click here to get a ticket

Drinks available to purchase at the bar.

The Event
A unique musical experience exploring the Planetary Crisis with live music, storytelling, and largescale visuals.

Join us for a unique, powerful and entertaining event that takes us beyond climate awareness and into the most important questions we now face: How can we live with the new future of climate and planetary disruption?

Who are the performers? Music for a Warming World is a Melbourne based live music and multimedia project that has performed at music festivals, such as the Woodford Folk Festival, art galleries, universities, concert halls and many communities from Queensland to Tasmania.

Music for a Warming World is written and produced by Simon Kerr (songwriter/guitarist), with Kylie Morrigan (violins), Mal Webb (multiple instruments) and Carly Wilding on Laptop/Visuals.

This event is kindly supported by a Darebin City Council grant

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Whats on in July

Even though its winter, the second half of July is heating up with lots of events coming up

First up, our trusty Foodswaps

Reservoir Food Swap – 10am on 17th July outside Reservoir Library. (cancelled due to COVID 19 lockdown)

Fairfield Food Swap at 11am on 17th July at the cnr of Duncan and Gillies st. (cancelled due to COVID 19 lockdown)

Thornbury/Preston Food swap at 11am on 24th of July at Thornbury Picture House (cancelled due to COVID 19 lockdown)

Postponed due to COVID 19 lockdown – stay tuned for new dates

We are co-hosting the ReLove Upcycle Market with the Darebin Hard Rubbish Heroes taking place at The Bridge Darebin 218 High st, Preston.

Lots going on in this event – Recycling drop offs, stallholders with upcycled crafts, raffles and a workshops to make bee baths from salvaged materials – more info here

Postponed due to COVID 19 lockdown – stay tuned for new dates

On the 20th July Transition Darebin are collaborating with Newlands Friends of the Forest to bring you Fascinating Forest Film Night from 6pm at Thornbury Picture House with snacks provided by TD.

July Repair cafe cancelled due to COVID 19 lockdown

Our 20th Darebin Repair cafe takes place on 25th July 10am-1pm

Some tickets remain for sewing and jewellery repair and some general fixes. – get in quick -bookings can be made here – Darebin Repair Cafe #20

Our last event of July on the afternoon of the 31st, Transition Darebin and Northcote Library Food Garden are hosting Handy Tips for Food Growing at Home providing ideas and information on food-growing at home, with presenters from NLFG and Heritage Fruits Society.

There will be 3 sessions, run in rotation, so you can attend one or all:

Compost-making – practical demonstration using the NLFG compost heaps

Wicking bed in a box – how to make a portable, compact garden bed

Fruit trees – what to grow; how to care for; basic pruning tips

A whole lot going on – get involved and we would love to hear from you if you find you have some time on your hands to help out with our activities. we would love to have you on board – email us at

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Sowing seeds of resilience in the suburbs

Event – Sunday, 29 November 2020

This free online workshop is one of a series highlighting the skills and expertise of local people and spreading this knowledge to strengthen our community in Darebin.

Sowing seeds of resilience in the suburbs: Methods to manage ‘waste’, mobilise and involve neighbours and regenerate small spaces.

Sunday 29th November 3.00 – 4.30 (by zoom)

Description:This session seeks to inform and inspire others living in multi unit apartment precincts to:‘Green’ their backyard / balcony / terrace and wider precinct
Design systems to manage ‘waste’
Rejuvenate small spaces and marginal edges
Develop meaningful connections with neighbours and trades
Understand how Permaculture zones and principles can assist in creating positive changes

Note – The session time will be approximately an hour with time allowed to settle in at the start and some time for extra questions at the end if required.

Register here for free

Your Presenters
Lena and Elise are residents in a multi-unit precinct in Thornbury. Through video and discussion they will share their experience of applying these practices on their own properties and within their precinct.
Your Host – Transition Darebin
We are a community group based in Darebin which aims to inspire a transition to more sustainable ways of living. This series of workshops supports local people by showcasing their skills within the community. The sessions offer opportunities to learn about sustainable living, be informed about climate/environmental issues and build stronger connections between local people, in order to create a healthy, sustainable and inclusive community.This event is kindly supported by Darebin City Council

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What’s on in March

There’s a load going on in March with Transition Darebin and some really exciting things going on in Darebin itself. We’re going to be making some changes to the email lists and also some exciting developments to upgrade our website and social media communication. What does this mean? Well it means that there’s never been a better time to get involved with a TD event, or take that next step and get more involved in making the Darebin that you want in the future.

Food Swaps.

Each month Transition Darebin runs three food swaps which are a great way to deal with excess from the garden, share seeds or even swap some excess jam, preserve, knowledge or skill for something that someone else has.

Northcote: 11th March @ Chalice, 251 High Street Northcote from 11-noon

Reservoir: 18th March @ Cnr Chedder Rd and Broadway, Reservoir from 10-11

South Preseton: 25th March @ Cnr. Oakover and High Street, Preston from 11-noon

For more information check out the TD facebook page.

Transition In the Pub: Good Wood and Principled Paper

Good wood and Principled Paper

Wednesday 15th March

7:30 – 9:30 @ Francesca’s Bar (222 High Street, Northcote)

Transition In the Pub is about getting out and talking about the issues that matter with anybody who cares to listen whilst enjoying a cold beer or glass of something fizzy! This Month we’re teaming up with the Newlands Friends of the Forest to present Dr. Chris Taylor, research fellow at the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute of Melbourne University. Dr. Chris is going to take us on a journey to find out more about the forestry industry. To get an insight into where our wood and paper products come from and how we can make choices that aren’t derived from our critically endangered Victorian native forest.

click here for tickets and more information

Our Apple Tree..’Tree Bee’

12th March from 1-4pm

@Our Apple Tree (Cnr. Beavers Road and Herbert street, Northcote)

Our Apple Tree is a small community garden that once used to house the cottage of the level crossing boom gate operator. The cottage is gone but his favorite tree remains surrounded by flowers, veggie beds and some great examples of what can be done to make a small community garden from nothing.
Every month we have a small working bee and love to have helpers along to learn, dig and take ownership of our shared space. Kids are welcome.

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The Year that Was and the Future that Could Be!


There are some troubling things going on in the world at the moment. It seems that we’re at a point where we can either take hold of a future narrative or let the narrow minded decide what our future will be…

Transition Darebin has been hard at work this year and we’ve achieved a lot. Make no mistake though we are at a crossroads where we can hope that the world doesn’t follow a path of consumption, waste, greed selfishness and fear or define the future that we want…

But to do this we need people taking action together!

Transition Darebin, as an organisation has a responsibility to hold an Annual General Meeting but more importantly as a social movement we have a responsibility to give every option for people to join in and be a part of molding the narrative for ourselves, our children and the future. We know people are busy and we’re not asking for a massive commitment, just a willingness to get involved in the organisation and coordination of projects, that help build a resilient, localised and sustainable Darebin.

Next Wednesday is the opportunity to do that with our AGM/Discussion session “The Year that was and the Future that Could Be!”. This will be a chance to talk about where we have been and more importantly talk about where we have been. We’ll also be forming the new coordination group, so if you are thinking of getting more involved or have a project you want to see then come along.
Thornbury Local
635 High Street Thornbury (upstairs)
30th November

Registration can be made a . Registration is $10 which includes membership to TD. Even if you can’t go consider registering and ticking ‘I won’t be there’ to join TD and help support our work.

Other Events and Activities


South Preston Food Swap
Corner Oakover Road and High Street, Preston
11- 2pm
Free Event, all welcome
Click here for more info

box at apple

Our Apple Tree… ‘Tree Bee’!
Our last working bee at the Apple Tree will be on the 11th of December from 1pm.
Corner Herbert Street and Beavers Road.
For more information click here 

darebin-councilLet make sure that Darebin City Council is committed to taking serious action on climate change.
Click here to complete a survey on how to make the council carbon neutral by 2020.


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Transition Velcro: Opportunities to stick to

2014 is drawing to a close but not before some final Transition Darebin Events

Saturday 13th DecemberTransition Darebin Food Swap

Melbourne’s event that stops the nation – Transition Darebin’s Food Swap is on Saturday 13th December 11-12 at Chalice garden, 251 High St Northcote. We will swap and give away edible and plantable materials – leaves, fruits, roots, seeds, seedlings, cuttings, ideas, techniques, observations, plus recipes and crafts to utilise what we grow. All welcome, so tell all your friends and neighbours, and see you at the garden!

Sunday 14th December: Our Apple Tree: Crafternoon and Working Bee

Last month we had a great session channelling ‘Bob the Builder’ as we constructed seats and a table for the tree. This month ‘we’re getting crafty’ with our very first Apple Tree Crafternoon.

The highlight will be a paper making demonstration as well as a craft table to upcycle your old cards into mini-works of art. We’ll also be livening up the seats with as much bright outdoor paint as we can find, making a handprint sign for the space, searching for berries and just generally getting into the real festive spirit of being part of a community.

Of course we don’t have a patent on creativity so if you have a skill or something that you think would add to the garden then please come on down and show us how it’s done!

When: 14th December 2014 2:00 – 5:00

Where: Our Apple Tree (corner of Herbert Street and Beavers Road)

What to bring: clothes to get dirty, old Christmas (or any other) cards, any leftover bright outdoor paint and whatever else you’d like to spend an afternoon crafting. If you’d like to something to share for afternoon tea would also be appreciated (but not essential)

Transition In the Pub: Goodbye 2014 Drinks

A very casual excuse for a cold beer and a chat about the year that was and the one that will be. Super informal but if you’ve got a question, want to float an idea, want to know more about TD or just want to meet some people and talk over what 2015 holds for the Country, the town, the environment or the future of good beer then please join us. As an added incentive (/threat) it’s also open mic night!
This is an open invitation night so whether you have never heard of Transition Darebin or are Rob Hopkins himself, all are welcome (look for the grey hatted man!)
For more information on these or any other Transition Darebin events email

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Transition Darebin Coordination Meeting

522310_249619015161542_82743805_nDo you want to get more active in promoting a re-localised and resilient Darebin?

Do you have an idea for a project that TD can help with or a skill that can help us build community engagement?

Are you interested in connecting with other local people who are taking and an active role in addressing climate change and peak everything?

Transition Darebin facilitates many activities and coordinates many groups and individuals  who are working towards a stable climate, a localized and resilient Darebin and a strong sense of community empowerment. The Transition Darebin Coordination Meetings are the core of these activities. These are open meetings and all comers are very welcome whether you are a TD original or just want to see what’s going on in your neighbourhood.

This month we’re welcoming our new coordination group and also will be starting down the path of a process called holistic management to ensure clarity, effectiveness and purpose for all that Transition Darebin does from here on.


Sound interesting?………then we look forward to seeing you on the first of December


When: Monday 1st December @ 7:30pm

Where: 52 Johnson St, Thornbury

What: Yourself and your ideas!

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Apple Tasting Festival

Join us Sunday 27th March for the Heritage Fruit Society’s Apple Tasting Festival at

Petty’s Orchard
1 Homestead Rd
(Melways 22 A12)

Entry benefits the Heritage Fruit Society – $10 adult; $20 family; $2 child.

Talks by Alana Moore (chooks), Permablitz, apple tasting, stalls (info, food & drink), trees & fruit for sale; children’s activities.

Bring your picnic gear, water, sunscreen.

Togetherness: We could meet up for lunch at 1pm at the Yarra River via the arboretum walk between fruit and nut trees.
Transport: It’s a hilly 5km bike ride from Eltham train station, so you keen and fit people, meet us at the orchard gate at 11am. Interested in car pooling? Please contact Marion at if you need a list or wish to offer one.

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