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“Either we will change our ways and build an entirely new kind of global society, or they will be changed for us.”    

James Hansen

I know, that’s a pretty heavy way to start an e-bulletin about re-imagining a more sustainable, equitable and resilient community. But the science is telling us that the time when we really need to step up and define the kind of future that we and our kids want is right now…in what they are calling ‘Decade Zero’. Given that in a couple of months we go to the polls to flex our democratic muscle it’s pretty important to keep this front and centre of our thinking.

But defining our future doesn’t have to be political, it can be absolutely the opposite by getting involved in community events and not just voting for the future but actually making it happen. This e-bulletin is full of events and opportunities to do just that with information sessions, food swaps, preserving workshops and a ‘This Changes Everything Film Night’. So read on and get involved…

TD Events in the Comings Weeks

Darebin Urban Harvest Northcote Food Swap: 11th June 11-12 @ 251 High Street, Northcote
The Second Saturday of every month sees the Northcote food swap roll into action. Whether it’s produce, seeds, preserves or just some advice about what’s growing and how to deal with gluts and scarcity then this is a great session to check out.

Convivial Kitchen: Saurkraut for beginners. Sunday 12th June, 2pm
Hailing from eastern Europe and literally meaning ‘sour cabbage’ this stuff is absolutely amazing in it’s health benefits, helping with digestive health, heart health and energy levels and can even make you see in the dark. Okay so I made that last bit up but the rest of it is true and the ability to activate and store vegetables through fermentation and get a probiotic hit is one that’s worth learning about. So come and join our Convivial kitchen and learn how to do it yourself in a chilled and social environment. Bring a wide mouthed jar so you can take some home and contact for the address. Cost $10.

Our Apple Tree ‘Tree Bee’: Sunday June 12th 1-3pm @ Our Apple Tree (Cnr Beavers Road and Herbert Street, Northcote)
Every 2rd Sunday we hold a ‘Tree Bee’ at Our Apple Tree. It’s a chance to meet, do some gardening, reclaim some public land and generally learn about community gardening. The next tree-bee is a biggy. We want to repair and fill the IBC, install the solar pump and do the first harvest of the compost bin. If we get a good crew maybe we can even install the second aerobin! If you haven’t been involved with the Apple Tree working bee’s before then we’d love to see you for a chat, a dig and some wholesome community garden action.


Transition in the Pub: This Changes Everything.

June 27th 7:30pm – 9:00 @ Bar 303 (303 High Street, Northcote)
Transition Darebin is all about a more sustainable, resilient and localised future for us and our children. The Transition in the Pub is a open and public session where people can come and hear about small steps they can take that have big sustainability impacts. Think of it as a space to mix beer, conversation and environmental awareness.

This months we’re trying out a Monday nights in a massive collaboration with a whole heap of Darebin Environmental Groups to show an amazing film…. This Changes Everything. This film and the associated book  take a ‘no holds barred’ look at the serious environmental and political situation that we find ourselves in and how we really need to change… well everything

This Changes Everything is an epic attempt to re-imagine the vast challenge of climate change, not to try and scare the audience into action, but to empower. This Changes Everything is about the power of people working together, and that message is most powerful when people watch it together. This movie will leave you refreshed and inspired, reflecting on the ties between us, the kind of lives we really want, and why the climate crisis is at the centre of it all. Will this film change everything? Absolutely not. But you could, by answering its call to action.

Following the film we’ll be joined by Darebin Climate Action Now, Livelihood, Doing it Ourselves and a range of other environmental groups for a QnA about what these groups are doing and how you can get involved.

This is a great chance to see an amazing movie (check out the trailer here) at an unbelievable price, we’ve even got a celebrity MC for the night to help us along so don’t miss this event. ..Monday 17th June.

Transition Coordination Meeting: June 20th 7:30 – 9:00
Once a month we get together to talk about what has happened and what needs to happen to build a more sustainable, resilient and localised Darebin. These meetings are open to anyone whether you want to take a role or just watch what happens.Email for the address.

Darebin Urban Harvest Reservoir Food Swap: June 20th 10-11 @ cnr broadway and Chedder Road, Reservoir
On the Third Saturday it’s Reservoirs turn to join the sharing economy with their own food swap. This one might be new but it’s seen a great array of produce and a really keen bunch of ‘swappers’ and an amazing array of seed collections and horticultural ‘know how’.

Other Events (non-TD events)

Darebin Climate Action Now: Candidates’ Climate Forum (21st June, 7:30 pm @ Northcote Town Hall)
You may not have noticed but there’s an election happening around the corner. Whilst Transition Darebin doesn’t encourage you to vote for any candidate in particular, we are happy to encourage the idea of asking questions of all candidates to get a straight answer about what they plan to do for the environment and Darebin’s resilience. That’s just what Darebin Climate Action Now will be doing on the 21st. They’ve invited all of the candidates for Batman to come and face with the people of Darebin under the watchful guidance of chairperson Alexandra de Blas.
For more information check out or email darebincan@gmail.comTowards Zero Emissions: Darebin Climate Forum (15th June 7:30 @ Northcote Town Hall)
Darebin Council is putting on a great looking event in recognition of World Environment Day. They’re hosting a discussion that will focus on the current climate situation, why we should be taking action, and what local governments, other government bodies and individuals can do to address climate change.
They will be presenting a free night with a great line up of speakers including includes a discussion with a panel of experts including:·         Peter Christoff – Peter is a political scientist and Associate Professor in the Department of Geography at Melbourne University, where he teaches climate and environmental policy. He is a Board member of the Australian Conservation Foundation and was its Vice President for 8 years. His recent publications include the books ‘Four Degrees of Global Warming: Australia in a hot world’ and ‘Globalization and the Environment’.

·         Nicky Ison – Nicky is a Senior Research Consultant at the Institute for Sustainable Futures at the University of Technology, Sydney. She is an expert in community energy, specialising in energy policy and governance and renewable energy. She was the co-author in the recently released Homegrown Power Plan, a joint project between GetUp! and Solar Citizens which offers a blueprint for how Australia can achieve 100% renewable energy by 2030.

·         Lauren Rickards – Lauren is a Senior Lecturer at RMIT University in the field of Sustainability and Urban Planning. She is also the co-leader of the Centre for Urban Studies Climate Change and Resilience research program.
For more information go to

The Gnomes are calling
Our friends at the Gnomes Gardening Collective (part of Livelihood) are putting the call out.They’re looking for both new farmers and for potential spaces! They want to grow beyond their current four spaces in north side Melbourne and connect more communities to grow their own yummy, local food!
Interested farmer folk, you can join them at one of their sites, or be part of a new site starting up (we’ll help you!). People with potential growing land, they’d love to hear from you (especially if you’re in/near Footscray, Brunswick or Hurstbridge).For more information, check out

Vote Climate House Signs
Sometimes it’s possible to think that you’re the only one in the street, village, city who is really worried about a sustainable and resilient future. Truth is you’re probably not, but how would you ever know. Well this a way, show not only your neighbors but also thecandidates that you care about climate change. Tell your neighbours that you will be putting climate first when you vote. There’s no issue more important for our future and the futures of our children.To get your free Vote Climate sign (email Darebin Climate Action Now)…. They’ll even deliver it to you.

Fibreshed Talk (Tuesday June 14th 6:30 – 8:30 @ 655 Nicholson Street, Carlton)
What would you wear if you limited yourself to clothes whose fibres, dye and labour came from within 500km of your home? Well two ladies from the Handweavers and Spinners Guild of Victoria would like to invite you to a talk where they will give you some of the answers. Their project, Fibreshed is based on a Californian collaboration between farmers and artisans who created an entire wardrobe using dyes, labour and fibres sources from within 150 miles. So come and hear Nicki Taylore and Rachel Bucknall’s adventures in learning to make totally local, sustainable clothes. (Cost $10 and more information at

Project in Focus: Darebin Urban Harvest Food Swaps
Darebin Urban Harvest Food Swap:
It was a beautiful day for the swap on Saturday, we had lots of leafy greens and parsley arrive, plus limes that are in season now.  The group was small, but we had a nice time out in the courtyard at the United Church, and people went away with silverbeet seedlings, seeds, worm juice, loquats and fantastic hot chillis, amongst other fruit and veggie options. In case you are wondering we are an all season group, and though we would normally have our woolly hats on by this time of the year, even if it is really poor weather we will be in the courtyard imagining future spring harvests even if our gardens don’t have a lot of produce on the go through the winter season.  So come on  down and join us if you would like to find out more about us.  We’ve also had people bring along chutneys, jams, preserves, baking and sour dough starter, so if your garden is looking tired, or you don’t have a garden but like to talk about food bring something you have made, it most likely will get eaten as we are chatting.  We look forward to seeing you at the June swap.

We’ve also got two other Saturdays in the month so if you are reading this and thinking, ‘well that’s all very well but it’s not near me and so my friends and I miss out’ then why not get in touch and let’s have a food swap a week in Darebin. TD can supply all the know how, seeds, banners and even a gazebo so you don’t get wet on a cold wintery day. Drop us a line at and lets talk.

Project in Focus: Transition in the Pub
Ethical Shopping was the focus for May Transition in the Pub, delivered by the very wonderful Nick Ray from Shop Ethical. It was a great session where he talked about the power that you have as a shopper to bring about change by the things that you buy. We even put this into practice with a hardy group of test subject being sent off to the local supermarket  to shop for a list of items to see how well they could do. Considering your impact by not only what you shop for but also the possibility to not shop is a great way to reduce your impact and it was great to have Nick to give us the facts.Project in Focus: Transition Convergence
What if a whole heap of Transition Towns Groups could get together? What if the collective wisdom, energy and collaborative gumption could be harness to take Transition Towns and the communities they work for the next big step towards a sustainable and resilient future? Well that’s what we’re doing on the 30th of July. A whole bunch of Transition groups will be making their way to our shiny, chilly city for a day of celebration but also of straight up reflection and planning about where to for Transition Towns from here. These have happened periodically over the years and are always a great way to not only get some new ideas and hear what other Transition Groups are doing but also to recharge your own ‘activist batteries’. Keep an eye out for more information and chalk the 30th into the calendar.

Transition Darebin Needs You…
The winter solstice is almost upon us which means bonfires and all of the celebration of the end of the summer harvest. It also means that there are certain things that Transition Darebin needs to do (okay so some might say that this has more to do with the end of financial year…but that’s not how we roll at TD!). Over the next month we will be planning for our Transition Darebin AGM and celebration. Over the years these have grown into powerful social and planning occasions at times helped by a generous dollop of home brew! This year will be no different as we will seek to add to our coordination group and hear the voices of our members about future projects. Volunteering for the coordination group is not an onerous task but it is an important one as these people help to coordinate the activities that make up Transition Darebin. There are roles for a whole range of interests and skill sets but also opportunities to build work experience and add to your own toolbox. So have a look at the roles and consider stepping up.
Roles in TD
– President                 – Secretary/Public Officer         – Gathering Organiser          – Media Liaison
– Vice President         – Ordinary Member                  – Volunteer Coordinator        – Web Manager
– Treasurer                – Membership Coordinator      – E-Bulletin

Transition in the News: Add your name to avoid the climate emergency

“All of us are fully aware how wrong it is to falsely yell ‘Fire!’ in a crowded theatre. But we are also aware of how wrong it is to sit silently while a fire begins to spread…”
Richard Alley, Professor of Geosciences at Pennsylvania State University

Humans are like frogs in a saucepan of water being gradually heated to boiling. Each month brings us more frightening news on the effects of global warming, but because the changes are gradual, there’s never a clear signal that it’s time to step up to stronger action.

Let’s use the alarming spike in global temperatures during February 2016 and the bleaching of the Reef as the impetus to insist our leaders stop playing political games on climate and stand together to draw a line in the sand. Australian Parliament must declare a climate emergency. It’s the first step in mobilising government and community resources and funds that are not normally available. Declaring a state of emergency inspires the public to act for the common good.

Australians are great at pitching in to help in an emergency. In the Queensland floods of 2011, three-quarters of the council areas were declared disaster zones. Government funds were made available and a large workforce was mobilised to deal with the emergency. More than 55,000 volunteers registered to help clean up the streets of Brisbane. All over Australia kind-hearted individuals and community groups sent supplies and raised emergency funds.

This petition is a first step in a growing campaign by grassroots climate action groups to pressure our political leaders to step up and do what is needed to address the climate crisis.  It is part of a PetitionStorm and the total includes signatures on other forms of the petition. Read more at
Do you need Transition Darebin?
Nobody died and made us king of the transition ideas! Maybe you’ve got a passion, some time or just the skeleton or an idea that needs some fleshing out. Transition Darebin is a truly grassroots organisation that holds the support of those with passion very dear. So if you’ve got an idea and want some help, or just need an organisation to help with that grant application then let us know or come on down to a coordination meeting because we don’t just need fully formed ideas…..we need all of them!

Till next time…


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Ethical Shopping, homemade food and seed saving for the future! Transition Coming Together

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