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Let’s be honest it’s hard to keep up with what’s going on in the world at the best of times. But making the first and very necessary steps towards a more sustainable, equitable and resilient community is a pretty important one. So we’ve made it a bit easier and every month we’ll be summarising what’s going on, giving you a little bit of information and highlighting the ways that individuals, groups and organisations can go from ‘watchers’ to ‘change makers.
Food Swap II
TD Events in the Comings Weeks
Darebin Urban Harvest Northcote Food Swap: March 12 11-12 @ 251 High Street, Northcote
The Second Saturday of every month sees the Northcote food swap roll into action. Whether it’s produce, seeds, preserves or just some advice about what’s growing and how to deal with gluts and scarcity then this is a great session to check out.

Transition in the Pub: March 15th 7:30pm – 9:00 @ Bar 303 (303 High Street, Northcote)
Solar arrays, batteries, electric cars. Things are moving pretty fast in the renewable energy world. Join Karl from the enviro shop as we catch up on what’s here, what’s coming and what sort of technology you need for the future. If you’re thinking about solar or batteries then this free event could save you thousands.

Darebin Urban Harvest Reservoir Food Swap: March 19 10-11 @ cnr broadway and Chedder Road, Reservoir
On the Third Saturday it’s Reservoirs turn to join the sharing economy with their own food swap. This one might be new but it’s seen a great array of produce and a really keen bunch of ‘swappers’.
box at apple
Our Apple Tree ‘Tree Bee’: March 20th 1-3pm @ Our Apple Tree (Cnr Beavers Road and Herbert Street, Northcote)
Every 2rd Sunday we hold a ‘Tree Bee’ at Our Apple Tree. It’s a chance to meet, do some gardening, reclaim some public land and generally learn about community gardening

Transition Coordination Meeting: March 21 7:30 – 9:00
Once a month we get together to talk about what has happened and what needs to happen to build a more sustainable, resilient and localised Darebin. These meetings are open to anyone whether you want to take a role or just watch what happens.Emal transitiondarebin@gmail.com for the address.

Other Events
Water Cycle to Williamstown

A cycle tour to help us understand the importance of our waterways. YHA andTD member Cath is hosting a cycle from Coburg lake to Williamstown to help us understand the importance of our waterways. This links with the final part of the art ‘Scenes of the Yarra’, a series performance workshops which will be held in Williamstown from 2-4pm. For more information or to register check out the facebook event here

Murundaka Open HouseMurundaka Open Day
What would housing look like if it were deliberately designed to foster community and sustainability? Why not go and see for yourself at the Murundaka cohousing community in Heidelberg Heights on their open day this weekend. It’s a truly amazing place and well worth a visit. For more info go to the TD facebook or click here.Earth Hour
Saturday March 19th is Earth hour where last year more than 7000 cities and 7million Aussies turned off all their power for an hour to highlight the need to take more action to combat climate change. It’s a great excuse to get your friends together and start a conversation. If you’ve no idea what I’m on about check out www.earthhour.org.au

Project in Focus: Darebin Urban Harvest Food Swaps

Where does your food come from…and what would you do if the trucks stopped rolling and the supermarket shelves started to empty?
Food swaps are a great, resilient and local solution to sharing, learning and generally tuning in to the flows of the seasons and local food production.

Transition Darebin has two food swaps each month.

The Northcote food swap has been around for a long time. Our last swap on Saturday was fantastic with a regular group coming each time and plenty of new people. We had duck eggs massive amounts of tomatoes, eggs and more while Damian also came and brought figs, grapes, tomatoes, pepinos, eggs and more.There were kombucha scobies and kefir grains swapped and even a bottle of lime cordial. This is always a great food swap and we’ll be looking to get our seed stocks back up as summer starts to wane and things to go seed.This food swap runs on the second saturday or every month at 251 High Street Northcote

The Reservoir Food Swap is the new kid on the block and we’ve had 3 great swaps so far. We are getting a regular crew and a whole load of produce thanks to our uber-gardeners Anthony, Clara, Kate and Damian. This food swap runs on the third saturday of every month at the corner of broadway and Chedder road, Reservoir.

Project in Focus: Transition in the Pub
Transition in the pub is all about getting the message out there because, let’s be honest it’s going to take all of use to build a resilient future. We’ve been searching for a home for a while now but think that we might have found one at Bar 303 (oddly enough at 303 High Street in Northcote). The aim for this year is to help people move from ‘watching and concerned’ to taking personal and collective action. As such we’re putting on a monthly calendar of events to focus on areas that change can be made:

March (15th): lots of people are interested in renewable energy but it’s hard to keep track of the technology and even harder to know what you need now and in the future. So we’ve got Karl from the Enviro Shop to come down and give us an overview on all things renewable from solar cells to batteries to cars.

April (19th). Divestment. It comes as a shock to many people but most of us are unwittingly funding the expansion of coal mining, fracking and habitat destruction through the massive amount of OUR money that lies in superannuation, bank accounts and other savings. If you are banking with Australia’s big 4 bank then you’ve been unknowingly contributing almost $37 billion dollars to these sorts of projects since 2008. You’ve also been losing money as these assets become stranded and less profitable than other investments as the Guardian reported here. Divestment is a way to take some control of your money by making some sometimes really simple choices about where you invest and where you bank. We’ve invited Isabella from 350.org to run us through some ways you can take solid steps to change this as well as some local Darebinites who are going to give us their experiences of how it was for them.

Changes everythings
May (10th). We’re going a week early in may to join in with the Darebin Homemade food and Wine Festival. This month we’ll be looking at ethical shopping with Shop Ethical who will help to “educate and empower people to make shopping choices that better reflect their values and to use their consumer power to create a better world”
June (21st) To head in to the winter solstice we’re putting on one of the most important films of recent times. “This Changes Everything” which looks at seven communities around the world with the proposition that we can seize the crisis of climate change to transform our failed economic system into something radically better. Check out the trailer here
Global Transition
Transition and Burnout
This month looked at the very real issue of burnout in the transition experience. Including an interesting article from Clare Power a Lecturer at Wetern Sydney University called Transition and Burnout: The Australian Experience
www.transitionnetwork.org/blogs/rob-hopkins/2016-01/transition-and-burnout-australian-experienceTransition Darebin Needs You…
Wesite Ninja: Look we don’t like throwing things away but sometimes you just have to grit your teeth and realise that it’s over! That’s how we feel about our website and we really need someone to give us some of their time and expertise to help us develop a platform that actually engages with the hundreds of people who are trying to engage with us. So if you have some mad tech skills and would be up for giving us a couple of hours of your time please let us know at transitiondarebin@gmail.com.

Fix- It…ers!: Fix-It Newlands is a group who appreciate taking the time to fix, learn, repair, maintain and mend things that we have. This group has been running on an occasional basis at the Newlands Community House  for some time but is looking for someone to help co-ordinate, organise and publicise this group. If that sounds like you then check out their facebook page here and drop us a line at transitiondarebin@gmail.com.

Or do you need Transition Darebin?
Nobody died and made us king of the transition ideas! Maybe you’ve got a passion, some time or just the skeleton or an idea that needs some fleshing out. Transition Darebin is a truly grassroots organisation that holds the support of those with passion very dear. So if you’ve got an idea and want some help, or just need an organisation to help with that grant application then let us know or come on down to a coordination meeting because we don’t just need fully formed ideas…..we need all of them!

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Food Swapping Chai, divestment and festivals… a busy month for Transition Darebin

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