Transition in the Pub: Exploring Permaculture

Transition in the pub is all about getting together over a brew to have the discussions that matter.  This is a no commitment, no cost session designed to appeal to hard core transition types and those who would rather just check it out from a distance. This month we’re delving into the world of permaculture with two amazing ladies from local group Permaculture Inner North. These guys have done some great stuff and built up a great bunch of permaculture enthusiasts looking to build and share their skills.

TD in the pub

In this session Sarah Gorman and Kate Pospisil will be asking the question of whether permaculture could offer us the design ‘glue’ to stick a post peak settlement together. It promises to be a great night so come join us at The Thornbury Local from 8pm to talk Permaculture ethics and principles and how they underpin Transition Towns.

We’ll be there from 7:30 and the session starts at 8. There is good local beer and cheap (and yummy) pizzas on offer so even if all you fancy is a social beer then check it out this Wednesday (24th June) at the Thornbury Local (635 high street northcote)

for more information check out the events page at

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Transition Darebin Urban Food Swap

This Saturday 13th June come to the food swap from 11 am to 12 noon at 251 High St Northcote (garden of Uniting Church). Meet like minded people and swap/share vegetables, fruit, flowers, seeds, seedlings, jams, chutney, sauces, handmade soaps etc.
Fruit Squad
If you have no garden produce to share, then you can bring something you baked to share.
It’s about building community as much as sharing produce.

This food swap happens monthly on the second Saturday.

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If pizza dough is a problem, Convivial Kitchen is the answer!

Dear Transitioners, The Convivial Kitchen is an initiative that brings people together to learn new cooking, preparing and preserving skills in a fun and collaborative environment. We have been meeting to discuss our favorite recipes to share with like-minded folk who are interladlingested in learning to cook healthy, seasonal, delicious, low-cost food. Beginning this month we will offer monthly cooking sessions where you come along and learn a new recipe, make the food together and then eat it. We will also make time to share little food tips. At this first class we will learn 2 pizza dough recipes and how to make your own pesto while we still have a few bunches of basil growing in our garden. Yum! First Session: Saturday May 30th At DIVRS* kitchen 2-4pm Cost $10 If you would like to get involved, or do a cooking demonstration and share the recipe, please RSVP to Tiffany  on 0490 373 906 or at Check out the flyer below for further details. We’d love you to come and join us. Regards, Melina, Tiffany and Rachel (Convivial Kitchen organising team)

For flyer click here Convivial Kitchen Flyer

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The Weather’s cooling but TD events are heating up!

Strawberry Picking

Do you miss summer already? Well this weekend is your chance to take one more bite of summer goodness with our third and final berry frenzy. The blackberries and blueberries are gone but there are still loads of luscious strawberries ready for eating, or jamming or just sitting back and admiring. We’ll be heading up this Saturday to make sure we don’t miss out. strawberries

When: Saturday 28th March

Where: Blue Hills Berries,

            27 Parker Road, Silvan VIC 3795

When: 9:00 – about 12:00

Cost: Dependent on what you pick!

For more information or if you have any questions then let us know at

Transition Darebin Food Swap

The second Saturday of the month is coming up which means it’s time for our monthly food swap. At this time of year in particular it’s a great opportunity to share what you’ve got lots of, get what you don’t have any of or just link up with people who are into growing, eating and sharing. There’s always a wealth of fruits, roots, seeds, seedlings, cuttings, ideas, techniques, observations, plus recipes and crafts to utilise what we grow. All welcome, so tell all your friends and neighbours and come down even if you don’t have anything to contribute.

When: Saturday 11th AprilNorthcote Library Food Garden

Where: In front of Chalice

            251 High Street Northcote

When: 11:00 – 12:00

Cost: Cash economy…hah!… that’s not the way we food swappers roll!

As usual if you want more information contact or check out the TD Facebook page

Super Sunday; Not one event but two !

There’s so much going on in Darebin we’re actually running out of days so Sunday 12th April is going to be host to not one event, but two.

Our Apple Tree: Compost Special

We kick off at Our Apple Tree with a special workshop around waste and compost. We all know that we can’t keep polluting our beautiful planet but lets be honest most of us could be better at not only reducing but also making better use of the waste we do produce. So this session will look at reducing our household waste stream but also look at how we can use a variety of approaches such as composting, bokashi buckets and worm farming to make better use of the waste that we do make. We’ll also be putting our construction skills to the test by making a community compost hub.

When: Sunday 12th April

Where: Our Apple Tree, Cnr Herbert Street and Beavers Road

When:10 am – 1pm

For more information or to register your interest to go Our Apple Tree Herbert Street on facebook or email

The Croxton Sizzle

The Croxton Commons is moving! The Croxton Commons is a community project, supported by Transition Darebin, based Croxton Coaton the land surrounding the Croxton Railway station. What will it be? Well that depends on the community, but we hope to develop a vibrant area where fruit and nut tree’s abound, social and community events are promoted by design and the community can come together to grow, learn and share. We kicked off with a Clean Up Australia Day event and pancake fest (made with locally sourced ingredients) and now we’re taking it to the next level with the first Croxton Sizzle. This is a community picnic. There’s nothing to buy, nothing to sign and not even a feedback form! It’s just an opportunity to come together as a community for some food, some play (an a playground for the kids) and maybe even a spot of tennis. This is going to be an exciting space with lots of transition potential so pack a picnic (or bring something for the barbecue) and come down.

When: Sunday 12th April

Where: Spencer Reserve, Spencer Street Northcote (near the tennis courts and playground)

When: 3pm – 5pm 

For more information email

If you have any other Transition events that you’d like to publicize or have an idea that you would like Transition Darebin to Support then contact us at or come along to the next coordination meeting on monday 20th April (check TD facebook or google group for details)

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A message from our friends at the Pizza Club

‘Pizza Club’ are tracking Woodfired Pizza Ovens across the city of Melbourne so we can continue to cook for community. If you know of any ovens in your locale that could be used, we would love to hear from you!
Pizza Club is a community project providing punters with a chance to connect with community through traditional, slow, simple, nutritious food. We have been opening our front yard to the neighbourhood trading pizza slices for currencies such as  pizza toppings, performance, money…Our Italian cook starts wi2013-08-31 08.01.22th the base, we grow the majority of the pizza toppings, make our own passata and cure our olives.  Up until now we have been cooking pizza in our home kitchen, but the community love PC and we have reached capacity (can only manage 16 in an evening). We are now looking to expand and until we can afford a mobile oven we are on the look out for woodfired ovens we can make good use of.
Let us know if you think you can help.

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The Croxton Commons

Croxton Coat

In 1649, in response to government disharmony and infighting, Gerrard Winstanley and a group of local residents began to plant vegetables in common land on Saint George’s Hill, in Surrey. This coincided with a time when food prices had reached an all time high and the government was showing inability to respond to the needs of the citizenry. Winstanley invited all to “come in and help them, and promise them meat, drink, and clothes” and thus the original diggers were born.

We may not be in the 1600’s but our current situation feels remarkably similar. It is becoming blatantly clear that governments of all stripes are struggling to keep up with both the pace and the scale of the changes that will be required for the future. With peak oil either here or nearby and a rapidly changing climate it is also highly likely that our food systems will be disrupted to at least some extent. Back yard agriculture can take up a great deal of the slack but we need more to grow the things that either can’t be grown in small spaces or are inefficient in a private context.

We need to reclaim the commons!

In times gone by commons were shared public spaces that were held for the public good. Whether it was a place that goats and cows could graze or a grove of nut trees that would be harvested by the whole village, the common filled the gaps of food production and also provided a focal point for the community. The Croxton Common is envisaged as just such a place (though maybe without the cows!). But we know that waiting until such a place is required will make it ten years too late we have to start now! This is why Transition Darebin is mobilising and inviting all residents and citizens of Darebin and beyond to get involved with the Croxton Commons, the development of the land surrounding Croxton Railway station (an coincidently on a hill near St. Georges Road).

But what will it look like?

Exactly what the Cnut groveroxton Commons becomes will depend on the will and the energy of the people attached to it. But the aim is for it to include urban fruit and nut orchards, community and enterprise spaces, recreation areas and social focused spaces. It will be a truly multi-use space that will aim not to reduce the current amenity of the area but add to it through careful design and inclusive forward planning. It will also make use of the most efficient form of transport (the train line) to promote hubs for food sharing, markets and maybe even tool and skill sharing.

This is a project that has been in the wings for some time but thanks to some help from Victrack and Darebin Council we have finally got to a stage where the real planning and working can begin. That’s why we’re putting out the call for thinkers, designers, doers and coordinators; for permies, horti’s, gardeners, handypeople and local folk; for anyone who wants to chip in and help bring this plan to fruition.urban commons

We’re kicking off by teaming up with local community garden Our Apple Tree to have a ‘Clean up Australia Day’ event. We’ll be meeting at Our Apple Tree (corner Herbert Street and Beavers Road) at 10am and then walking (and cleaning) up through the Commons finishing at Spencer Reserve, our first site for a barbecue (12:00-1:00). If you can’t make this event but want to be part of the Croxton Commons Group then please email us at


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We’re only a month into 2015 and already Transition Darebin calendars are starting to fill up. We’ve have a couple of great events including the years first food swap and a ‘fun-raising’ berry picking trip but there is loads more coming.

Transition Darebin Needs You!

Transition Darebin is built on initiatives and project that help build a ready and resilient Darebin. All programs are run by a group and we have two groups who are looking for new members to help coordinate them.

 Learning Together: The Convivial Kitchen

One of the surprising things about starting to move to a lower energy lifestyle is realising how separated from food we’ve become. Using things in season, preserving those things that we have too much of and making the best use of what we do have are skills that are less and less common. The convivial kitchen is an initiative that brings people together with cooking, preparing and preserving skills into a fun and collaborative environment where we learn by doing. This group has kicked off with a ‘how to kimchi’ session but needs people who are interested in learning and sharing. So if you have a skill, an interest or just want to be involved and help this group grow and thrive then let us know at


‘Transition In The Pub’

Transition Darebin is an inclusive, open and welcoming group. But how do you get people past the first stage of getting out of their house and comfort zone, to join the conversations and actions that will influence us all eventually? The answer my friend is beer (or wine, soft drink etc etc.). For a number of years TD has been running Transition in the Pub but we need somebody to coordinate these in the future. These are sessions based around either a local project (like reclaiming curbs or living lightly), local people or just topics like ‘How to we build a resilient Darebin?”. Whatever the focus, the aim is to bring people together to engage in discussion in a warm, friendly and welcoming atmosphere.  We’ve already got all of the resources required and great speaker contacts but need an organised individual (or group) to bring it all together. If pubs and people are your thing and you think you can help then send us an email at

Of course we’re also always on the lookout for new ideas, enthusiasm or projects. If you’ve got something you would like some help getting moving in Darebin then let us know or come and have a chat at the monthly coordination meetings.


Do you want to share your knowledge in a community environment?

Alphington Community Centre Sustainability Program is always looking for Darebin residents to help to spread the word about sustainability, share a skill or guide others to learn more. This centre already has a great verge garden, commercial kitchen and is looking at setting up composting hubs, community gardening groups and lots more.

It’s summer so they’re particularly looking for some people with knowledge around seed saving and propagation as well as a somebody to help guide a passata making day.

If this sounds like you or you have any other questions contact Bryony on 9499 7227.

What is ‘Fun_Raising’

Building community, whilst raising funds for local projects is what this group is all about. Whether it’s tours, workshops, stalls or just an activity to take advantage of a local resource or a sunny day, the fun_raising group are always out and about.

Youngberry pickers

Youngberry pickers

We have already kicked off 2015 in grand style with a visit to a ‘u-pick’ berry farm in Silvan where TD’ers as young as four went to town on fresh strawberries, blueberries and blackberries. It was an amazing morning, not just because of the sheer amount of delicious fruit but that some of it actually made it into the baskets and back to Darebin and didn’t all get chomped on site.

This was a great day and just the first of many ‘Fun-Raising’ events. But we need your help to build the activities, the diversity and the numbers. So if you’ve got an idea, or just like the idea of building community through enjoyable activities then let us know at


Environment Sessions @ SPAN.

Our friends at SPAN have been busy preparing for the sustainable living festival and are running a couple of events in collaboration with TD on the 8th of February

Community Shed Design Jam @ SPAN (11-4pm)

Come along to a facilitated workshop to generate ideas and design our community shed!

Enjoy a site analysis tour and integrating community views including accessibility, saving water and energy and leaving spaces for a rocket-cobb oven and aquaculture.In collaborative design style, everyone will select their favourite design aspects to create an ultimate design! This is only the beginning. Our design will lead to more skills sharing activities — gaining a permit, sourcing materials and building the community shed!


Upcycling Wooden Pallets @ SPAN (10-1pm)

Come along to a facilitated workshop where we will convert wooden pallets into chairs, planter boxes and a wicking bed for our neighbourhood. The facilitators from Urban Bush Carpenters will guide you through the process of deconstruction, design and build.This workshop is not complicated, will be relaxed and fun for the whole family!!

For more information contact SPAN on 9480 1364

Clean Up Our Apple Tree

522310_249619015161542_82743805_n As part of Clean Up Australia Day, Our Apple Tree (a Transition Darebin Initiative) will be hosting a clean up site on March 1st. We’ll be starting from the Apple Tree at the Corner of Herbert Street and Beavers Road and plan to work north into the ‘Croxton Commons’ space which will give us a great chance to check out the progress on this TD ‘coming soon’ space. The day will culminate in a ‘waste free barbie’ at Spencer Park so will be a great day. For those further south our friends at the Northcote station group will also be hosting a site and will meet at the Herbert Cafe.

For more information check out Our Apple Tree Herbert Street on Facebook.

Explaining the Why of Transition

Sometimes it’s hard to explain why Transition Darebin is working towards a lower energy future. We hope this infographic (courtesy of transitionnetwork) helps.


Hint of the Week.

Have you got lemongrass. Next time you need to tie up a rogue tomato or raspberry, rather than reaching for the twine or material why not pluck a lemongrass leaf instead. They make great ties and just get composted with everything else when the plant has had it’s day.

Regular Events

There is lots happening over the next couple of weeks including the TD food swap on the 14th and the Sustainable living festival. For all the information about what’s going on in Darebin check out the calendar on the website.

Got an event and want TD to spread the word? Let us know what’s going on and we’ll be happy to help.

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Are the Berries Calling You?

Hi there folks,

By popular demand we are going to do another visit up to the dandenongs to enjoy the bounty of the bluehills berry farm.  We are going to go up next Saturday morning 31 jan.  If you are keen let me know and we can organise car share as needs be.  Bring your own containers to take the berries home in and something to drink, hats, sunscreen, etc.  There is a cafe at the farm or up the road so we could decant to one of those for morning tea once our picking is done.


It is a good idea to arrive early, so a 9am arrival is our expected gathering at the farm time, as it gets very busy and may get hot depending on the weather.  The weather is not looking great just now, so keep Sunday morning in mind if saturday is a rainy day, as we can’t pick wet fruit.

Berries on the go at the moment are strawberries, blackberries and blueberries:

27 Parker RD, Silvan. Victoria

(about an hour from Darebin via the eastern, mount dandenong rd, york rd, silvan rd)

Contact for more information.

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Transition Darebin Coordination Meeting, 19th January

 Do you have an idea for a project that TD can help with or a skill that can help us build community engagement?

Are you interested in connecting with other local people who are taking and an active role in addressing climate change and peak everything?

Transition Darebin facilitates many activities and coordinates many groups and individuals  who are working towards a stable climate, a localized and resilient Darebin and a strong sense of community empowerment. The Transition Darebin Coordination Meetings are the core of these activities. These are open meetings and all comers are very welcome whether you are a TD original or just want to see what’s going on in your neighbourhood.

This month we’re having our first meeting of 2015, so it’s a great time to join in and get involved

Sound interesting?………then we look forward to seeing you on the 19th January 2015

When: Monday 19th January @ 7:30pm

Where: email for address

What to bring: Yourself and your ideas! (and a little food to share if you like!)

If you’d like to know more feel free to post your questions in the comment box below or email

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Transition Velcro: Opportunities to stick to

2014 is drawing to a close but not before some final Transition Darebin Events

Saturday 13th DecemberTransition Darebin Food Swap

Melbourne’s event that stops the nation – Transition Darebin’s Food Swap is on Saturday 13th December 11-12 at Chalice garden, 251 High St Northcote. We will swap and give away edible and plantable materials – leaves, fruits, roots, seeds, seedlings, cuttings, ideas, techniques, observations, plus recipes and crafts to utilise what we grow. All welcome, so tell all your friends and neighbours, and see you at the garden!

Sunday 14th December: Our Apple Tree: Crafternoon and Working Bee

Last month we had a great session channelling ‘Bob the Builder’ as we constructed seats and a table for the tree. This month ‘we’re getting crafty’ with our very first Apple Tree Crafternoon.

The highlight will be a paper making demonstration as well as a craft table to upcycle your old cards into mini-works of art. We’ll also be livening up the seats with as much bright outdoor paint as we can find, making a handprint sign for the space, searching for berries and just generally getting into the real festive spirit of being part of a community.

Of course we don’t have a patent on creativity so if you have a skill or something that you think would add to the garden then please come on down and show us how it’s done!

When: 14th December 2014 2:00 – 5:00

Where: Our Apple Tree (corner of Herbert Street and Beavers Road)

What to bring: clothes to get dirty, old Christmas (or any other) cards, any leftover bright outdoor paint and whatever else you’d like to spend an afternoon crafting. If you’d like to something to share for afternoon tea would also be appreciated (but not essential)

Transition In the Pub: Goodbye 2014 Drinks

A very casual excuse for a cold beer and a chat about the year that was and the one that will be. Super informal but if you’ve got a question, want to float an idea, want to know more about TD or just want to meet some people and talk over what 2015 holds for the Country, the town, the environment or the future of good beer then please join us. As an added incentive (/threat) it’s also open mic night!
This is an open invitation night so whether you have never heard of Transition Darebin or are Rob Hopkins himself, all are welcome (look for the grey hatted man!)
For more information on these or any other Transition Darebin events email

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